Welcome to our Jolly Good Art Shop!

Thank you for stopping by our web page. As it turns out, we stay pretty darn busy in our studios and aren't so great about keeping up with online posts. :( Well, it's best for everyone, really.  Please visit us on Facebook where we manage to stay a bit more up to date or our Etsy store which we are slowly filling with more of our goods for your online purchasing happiness.

Thank you again for visiting, browse the tabs at the top for examples of our work, and contact us with any questions- we'd love to hear from you! :D

I should close by saying....yes, i must.....we hope you have a "JOLLY GOOD" day! :)  hehe....

And so it begins..... we are in business!

We are Amy and Lisa and we make things..... dandy things, swell things, might we even venture to say "jolly good" things? why yes, yes we will. Thank you for visiting our blog which will serve as our online art shop. Our physical shop can be visited at Brick City Emporium (3215 S. 74th Street in Fort Smith, AR) and we can also be found on Facebook  and our online store on Etsy for your viewing/ stalking/ shopping pleasure. :) We will be posting photos of some of our newest projects and items for sale so check back often to see what we're up to!

If you are not familiar with our work, take a stroll through the tabs at the top to see Lisa's photography and Amy's paintings and furniture.

If you can't make it to Fort Smith and are dying to have some jolly good art of your very own message us and we'll see if we can help you out. :)

Are you hungry for more Jolly Good info? Follow this link to the April issue of @Urban Magazine and see our smiling faces on pages 42-44. Thank you to Marla Cantrell for making us seem so darn interesting and intelligent ;)

See our work in person at Brick City Emporium

Make a mad dash along the red arrow to get to our shop inside Brick City Emporium
(3215 South 74th Street in Fort Smith, Arkansas)
We're open 10-7 Monday through Saturday and 12-5 on Sundays :)