Lisa's Slice O' Pie

My artistic passion is photography.  I feel like I see more clearly when I'm looking through a viewfinder, and I want you to see what I'm looking at too.  Things just look more interesting, more inspiring, when you look closely.   :)

In addition to offering prints of my photos, I've enjoyed exploring various other ways to present them, including magnets, note cards, and photo pendant necklaces.  A photo doesn't just have to hang on your wall!   

I've been learning that the trickiest thing about establishing myself as an "artist" and actually producing work for sale on a consistent basis is finding/pursuing a proper venue.   I spent two very enjoyable and intensely instructive years (2009-2010) as a vendor at the Fayetteville Farmers' Market, and I loved the regularity of it, the return customers, the new friends I made, and the motivation to keep working and making and improving.   Since moving to Fort Smith in 2010, most artistic efforts have been focused on the occasional arts and craft shows, including the Bella Vista Arts and Crafts Fair in October, and the awesome Little Craft Show in Fayetteville in December.  (You can find me at both shows this year!)   And along the way, there was the admittedly feeble attempt to keep up with an Etsy shop lovingly named Oh Lime. 

Recently, my friend Amy told me she'd heard about this new place, Brick City Emporium, opening in our town.  It would offer retail space to local artists, craftsmen.  In other words, a permanent venue!   
We put our heads together about sharing a space, and Jolly Good Art Shop was born.  I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to make and sell my wares on a regular basis, and I'm excited about the variety of interesting things we'll have to share with you.